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Taiwan Penghu District Court




History of the Taiwan Penghu District Court

The Taiwan Penghu District Court was originated from Zhao-Ho fifteen year of Japanese occupation era (the twenty-nine year of the Republic), then was governed by the Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court and established the Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court Penghu Branch Office.

When Taiwan was recaptured in the thirty-four year of the Republic, the jurisdiction of litigation cases in Penghu County was still governed by the Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court, therefore all Penghu County litigation parties appeared before the judge should go to Kaohsiung by ship over Taiwan Strait. In order to convenient the populace, the Ministry of Judicial Administration, which was renamed as the Ministry of Justice, allowed the foundation of "The Taiwan Penghu District Court" on December 26, 1949 (the thirty-eight year of the Republic).

On May 16, 1996 (the eighty-five year of the Republic), the Taiwan Penghu District Court completed the construction of the building of the Juvenile Tribunal & Counseling Classroom, a five floor on the ground and one floor below the ground and located at No.100, Chunghwa Rd., Magong City, for strengthening juvenile counseling.

On July 21, 1994 (the eighty-there year of the Republic), the Taiwan Penghu District Court inaugurated and started using the office building of Magong Summary Court, located at the land No.877 and so on in Wen-ao Section of Magong City, for coordinating the execute of "Social Order Maintaining Act" and the reform of the Civil Litigation Act and Criminal Litigation Act procedure. Beside dealt with the Social Order Maintaining Act cases, civil reconciliation cases, civil summary cases, and criminal summary cases, in order to effectively exercise the equipments and space of the Magong Summary Court, the Taiwan Penghu District Court moved the Civil Execution Department, the Center for Non-Contentious Matters and the Notary Public Office to Magong Summary Court.

For increasing service quality, responding to the acceleration of affairs and officeholders, improving office environment, and facilitating administration management, the Judicial Yuan indicated the Taiwan Penghu District Court that accommodated with Taiwan Penghu District Public Prosecutors Office to reach the consensus on the construction of new office building. Then the Judicial Yuan and the Ministry of Justice held bilateral conference and reached an agreement that utilized the south side land of the Taiwan Penghu District Court Magong Summary Court to construct new office building, and draw up a budget at the same time. The Taiwan Penghu District Court obeyed the agreement to draw up a budget according to the construction plan from 2000 to 2004 (from the eighty-nine year of the Republic to the ninety-three year of Republic). Hitherto the construction, hydroelectric system, and air conditioning engineering of the new office building near finished, and scheduled to check and accept in the end of 2005 (the ninety-fore year of Republic).


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